AndroGenRX Review

AndroGenRX Review: Power Up Your Workouts

Our AndroGenRx supplement review will be focusing on all the important things you should know about this testosterone booster.

As men grow older, often after the age of 30, they will experience a gradual decline in testosterone levels. This results in symptoms like weight gain, hair loss, declining sex drive, mood swings etc.

But, did you know that it is easy to find a solution to address the declining T-levels?

The good news is there are many valid treatments available today that you can use to boost your T-levels.

One such treatment is AndroGenRx which has recently been creating lots of buzz. AndroGenRx is a more popular supplement in the testosterone booster category.

Does AndroGenRx deserve all the attention it has been getting as a Test Booster?

But first…

What Causes Low Testosterone?

Low T-levels can be due to several scientific reasons – and these are quite common. Although aging is considered a factor, other reasons for low T in men include obesity, injuring the testicles, diet, prostate, hormone abnormalities, diabetes, quitting nicotine, diabetes, and many more.

Also, too high T-levels can be bad too – here think of hair loss among other things. Therefore, it is recommended that you visit your doctor for a diagnosis of whether you have low T-levels ( a doctor will check your prostate, order blood work, look at blood results, etc, before fully diagnosing your issues).

Talking to your doctor will help you find the right treatment plan to treat your specific issue.

So, let’s get started by looking at what the AndroGenRx supplement can do for you.

Is AndroGenRx a Solution for Low Testosterone?

Most men with normal health the one way to determine their T-levels is via a blood test. Typically, a man’s free testosterone keeps increasing from when they reach puberty until age 30.

Thereafter, it starts to decline. For most men, this decrease in T causes several different side effects, which include libido and strength loss.

Good thing, if you’ve read the online reviews, then you will note that AndroGenRx offers one solution.
And if taken along with a good cutting workout or mass building program, for addressing these issues. It can assist you in getting your life on track.

This product aims to help those men whose free testosterone has started to decrease due to the ‘andropause’.
In general, these men are in good health, but they may be experiencing low libido, fatigue, and low self-confidence as well.

AndroGenRx is also said to contain “clinically studied ingredients” that claim to promote:

  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Testosterone
  • Libido
  • Muscle Mass

Next, let’s turn our attention to the ingredients used in the making of this supplement and see the effects they offer.

What is in AndroGenRx

It is important that we point out that AndroGenRx uses a proprietary blend. This means the manufacturer has hidden the dose of individual ingredients and chooses to only include the dose for the whole ‘blend’.

How AndroGenRx works

AndroGenRx was developed by a USA-based team of researchers. It is designed to aid the body in restoring its free testosterone to amounts that are said to be healthy. This factor is important since as men grow older, their testosterone levels tend to decline with time.

AndroGenRx pills work by causing a cumulative effect in your system and increasingly become potent with time. This testosterone booster should not be used by anyone below the age of 18 years.

What’s more, AndroGenRx uses ingredients that improve blood flow. This plays a key role as it helps its users in enhancing their sexual desire thus achieve better erections

Recommended Dosage

A daily dose of 1-2 tablets is recommended daily which can be taken in a single dosage. You should take these pills in the morning and on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

But, if you are planning to train on a specific day, it is recommended that you take the pills about 30 minutes before starting your exercise program.

And to help you get the most of this supplement, you should take it continuously for 4 weeks

If you are training daily – whether you are cutting fat or attempting to build muscle mass, the manufacturer suggests that you take AndroGenRx 30 – 45 minutes before going to the gym or beginning your exercising routine.

Also, when you are not working out, the manufacturer recommends that you take the pills in the morning.

NOTE: On the product label, there’s a warning stating that AndroGenRx is not appropriate for women.

Pros and Cons


  • Ingredients Proven to assist in restoring Free Testosterone Levels
  • Improves your workouts – offers you more energy
  • Developed by Researchers
  • Contains fenugreek and Zinc
  • Affordable


May interact with other medications to hinder its effectiveness


Use of AndroGenRx has many benefits which include

  • Fights erectile dysfunction
  • Helps increase strength and stamina
  • Safely and naturally boosts the free testosterone levels
  • Enhances your sex drive and vitality
  • Supports growing of more muscle mass
  • Modulate androgenic activity

AndroGenRx Possible Side Effects

To date, there are no reported side effects from taking AndroGenRx. Also, this testosterone booster uses ingredients that do not cause any problems at such low dosages.

With that in mind, we recommend that carry out your own research. Be sure to carefully read the ingredients label before using a new supplement.

It is also, important that you consult your doctor before purchasing any supplement.

Above all, if you notice you are experiencing any harmful effects, you should immediately stop taking this booster. Be sure to talk to a doctor to determine the cause and find the best treatment for your condition.

Price and Where to Buy

This product costs between $55.00 to 75.00. this is depending on the platform you use when purchasing. So, you will have an entirely different price.

We suggest that you do carry out some research before buying AndroGenRx. Doing so will ensure that you find the best deal.

Be sure to compare the retail prices from different platforms before buying AndroGenRx supplements.

The company’s official website may be the best platform for the best deals on AndroGenRx.


For men, sexual performance can significantly decline as they age, which leads to feelings of inadequacy and embarrassment.

But, should you suffer in silence?

You don’t have to, thanks to a research-based male enhancement supplements like AndroGenRx. AndroGenRx is an effective solution to this problem.

However, since there are numerous options available on the market today. Something that makes picking the effective and suitable one for you quite a challenge.

But, by reading the information contained in this AndroGenRx review, you are sure to find the right option for your needs.

Also, before purchasing any test booster, it is important that you do a thorough research.